Animal Genetics

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September, 2014
New test available for dogs. Please see Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA)

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March, 2014
Animal Genetics purchases an additional genetic analyzer (ABI3130xl) to handle increased demand and improve service.

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January, 2013
Animal Genetics publishes 3rd paper on Avian Borna Virus in Avian Diseases. Please contact us for a copy.

Equine Fee Schedule (U.S. Dollars)

Equine Color Test Type Cost Each   Turnaround
Red/Black Factor $25.00   1-2 Days
Agouti (Bay/Black) $25.00   1-2 Days
Cream Dilution $25.00   1-2 Days
Dun Dilution $40.00   2-3 Days
Silver Dilution $25.00   1-2 Days
Champagne Dilution $25.00   1-2 Days
Pearl Dilution $25.00   1-2 Days
Grey $25.00   1-2 Days
Tobiano $25.00   1-2 Days
Frame Overo (LWO) $25.00   1-2 Days
Sabino 1 $25.00   1-2 Days
Splashed White Overo (SW1, SW2, SW3) $25.00   1-2 Days
Appaloosa Coat Pattern (LP) $40.00   1-2 Days
Dominant White (W3, W5 or W10) $25.00   1-2 Days
Roan Zygosity -   Not offered
Combination Rates For Coat Color Cost Each Turnaround
Red/Black Factor + Agouti $40.00 1-2 Days
*Color Combination (Red/Black Factor, Agouti, Cream, Silver, Champagne, Pearl) $95.00 1-2 Days
*Pattern Combination (Appaloosa, Tobiano, LWO, Sabino, Splash White) $95.00 1-2 Days
Combination Rates For Genetic Diseases Cost Each Turnaround
Quarter/Paint Horse (GBED, HERDA, HYPP, MH ,PSSM) $95.00 1-2 Days
Quarter/Paint Horse (GBED, HERDA, HYPP, MH ,PSSM, ISAG) $120.00 1-2 Days
Arabian Horse (CA, LFS, SCID) $125.00 1-2 Days
Arabian Horse (CA, LFS, SCID, ISAG DNA Profile) $140.00 1-2 Days
Equine DNA Typing Cost Each Turnaround
DNA Typing (ISAG profile) Does Not Determine Breed $40.00 3-4 Days
Parentage Verification (Sire, Dam and Offspring) $100.00 7 Days

*Combination price is only available when the panel is requested and completed at one time. This price is for the complete panel and tests can not be substituted or changed. Animal Genetics stores all equine samples for at least five years. This allows the individual who submitted the sample to add tests including a panel to any previously submitted sample.