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April, 2014
New test available for dogs. Please see Canine Genetic Tests

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March, 2014
Animal Genetics purchases an additional genetic analyzer (ABI3130xl) to handle increased demand and improve service.

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February, 2013
In a blind study published in The Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery conducted by Dr. Geoff Olsen and Dr. Brian Speer, Animal Genetics / Avian Biotech was the only laboratory to get a perfect score on all positive and negative test results. One lab reported 8 out of ten negative samples as positive.

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January, 2013
Animal Genetics publishes 3rd paper on Avian Borna Virus in Avian Diseases. Please contact us for a copy.



The tobiano coat pattern is a highly desirable trait seen across a variety of horse breeds and types. The dominant tobiano gene causes loss of pigment leading to large white markings in certain defined areas of the horse. Tobiano horses are often referred to as 'colored' and are bred for this disirable trait.

Tobiano has the same effect on any base color. The following terminology defines the various types of tobiano specimens:

    Piebald: A black & white tobiano horse.


    Skewbald: Any other base color modified by tobiano, such as chestnut tobiano.


    Tri-colored: Bay-based tobiano horse, 'tri-colored' refers to the three obvious colors on the horses body -white (from the tobiano) brown (bay) and often black patches are present also.

Since tobiano is a dominant gene, only one inherited copy is required for a horse to display tobiano markings.

Test Results:

Animal Genetics offers DNA testing for the tobiano gene. The genetic test verifies the presence of the tobiano mutation and presents results as one of the following:

T/T Homozygous Positive for dominant tobiano gene mutation, carrying two inherited copies of Tobiano. Will always pass tobiano to foals. For breeding purposes, homozygous tobiano horses are highly desirable as they are guaranteed to produce tobiano foals regardless of their mate.
n/T Heterozygous Positive for the dominant tobiano gene mutation, carrier of a single inherited copy of tobiano. Horse's base color may be modified to varying degrees by the tobiano markings.
n/n Negative Non-tobiano horse.

Since tobiano is only responsible for the white markings of a 'colored' horse, the test does not determine the horse's base-color. This is determined using the red/black factor test. The two tests in conjunction not only verify the likelihood of tobiano being passed to foals, but also the likelihood the foals will be piebald or skewbald.

    Submit a Sample for Testing:

    To submit a sample for testing please click on ORDER and download a sample submission form. Then follow the sample collection and submission instructions.


    Cost per sample is $25.00. Please see our fee schedules below for combination rates.

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